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Hull's Original Premier and Internationally
Renowned Paranormal Investigative team.

The Ghost Chasers team conduct investigations in local and national locations which are allegedly haunted., and invite members of the public to join the team from time to time on their journey of discovery in a fully immersive Paranormal Experience at various locations in the UK.

Should you have a location you would like us to investigate then please contact us! The team also conduct private home investigations at no charge! We will compile a comprehensive report for your reference, and provide all evidence of our findings – be it photographic, video or audio.

Michael Smith, Parapsychologist and author of This Haunted Isle joins the team on their search validating the team’s findings and experiences as they continue to dare go where no-one else will!
Who We Are

Ghost Chasers humble beginnings started in 2004 when Claire Walker and Michael Smith decided they wanted to discover for themselves whether what they saw on TV was indeed true or just faked, when one cold November night started their journey of discovery at a location near Paull were the team stayed for over 12 hours raising money for BBC Children In Need Appeal.

The team differ from most groups as they do not use the talents of mediums but relies on a qualified parapsychologist to quantify their results.  As Michael Smith, founder of the team explains in his book ‘This Haunted Isle’, "Mediums do not exist as all you need to know is how to cold read someone and have a general understanding of psychology."  Darren Brown has demonstrated this himself.

Michael and Claire have built up the reputation the team has today by offering an unparalleled experience, as after their experience at Paull they then organised their first public paranormal event at the legendary Galleries of Justice, Nottingham in 2005 and still do these Paranormal Experiences.

JOY FM, a radio station in Melbourne, Australia, invited Michael and Claire to talk about their experiences each week to Jared and the Captain and it was around this time they became involved with BBC Radio Humberside when David Reeves presented The Late Licence, inviting Michael as a regular guest which led to the BBC Hull being investigated LIVE on air on Halloween!

The team continued to go from strength to strength being covered in many local and national newspapers as well as being featured in the premier issue of Paranormal Magazine and more recently being filmed by a Channel 5 film crew.
Many do not know what a parapsychologist does and some may not know what a paranormal investigation entails.  First off a parapsychologist, quite simply, puts the normal into the paranormal – the most rational explanation there is.  There are many factors as to why people experience haunting and one of these is the environment in which they surround themselves in.  For example, if you were to visit a castle you may think what happened here, which ghosts reside here, but if you were to visit a council house you wouldn’t necessarily think the same.

A paranormal investigation is an investigation into the unknown and vigils are conducted, a scientific phrase for asking any spirits in the atmosphere to come forward to try and communicate by tapping and rapping. Sometimes you may find results.  The investigation is recorded using night vision cameras, as well as digital and analogue voice recorders, which can record EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or light anomalies and a number of experiments are set-up as well.  All voice recordings are analysed through Adobe Audition to enhance the recording.  
Sometimes, even if no-one hears anything, looking back at the recorded footage can reveal something of interest be it an EVP or light anomaly.
The team use a variety of equipment, including EMF (Electro Motivation Force) Meters which are used to detect natural EMF and electrical wiring so during the investigation if the meter reacts differently after the base line test has been completed this would be the time to take photographs with a digital and single lens camera.  Also to detect movement the team use motion detectors which have an infrared beam and a VibrALERT which can pick up a pin being dropped on the floor.

Ghost Chasers invites the public to attend their investigations in a fully immersive experience at select locations in the UK and are the ONLY paranormal team to have a qualified parapsychologist rather than use the talents of a psychic or medium – you do the investigation, you find any results and this is where Ghost Chasers differ an unparalleled experience!  If you wish to join the team you are advised to book early as places are limited for the enjoyment of others.

Should you join us as we dare go where no-one else will you will be given an introduction on how to conduct a baseline test, the equipment and how to use it, shown some examples of alleged paranormal activity and paranormal experiences and a full orientation of the site will be given as part of our health and safety brief.  No alcohol is permitted on the Paranormal Experience.  

Some locations offer a ‘Magical History Tour’, similar to those held at Hull Paragon Station.

In order to help evaluate any paranormal event there are a number of methods and equipment which aid us, some of which people may not be comfortable using and we never force the issue – if you are not comfortable or ill at ease don’t do it!

Before the investigation

A baseline test is carried out at each location to determine whether there are any natural cold spots caused by draughts and natural or manmade Electro Magnetic Force (EMF) caused by electrical wiring or WiFi It is essential this is carried out before an investigation using an EMF meter and thermometer so that if any readings differ during the investigation these can be recorded.

During The Investigation

There are a number of tools help us communicate with any spirits within the location, for example with Divination we use dowsing rods, a Ouija board and a Spirit Box which allows real time Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) to be heard and recorded rather than a Dictaphone which has to be reviewed later.

A trigger object is sometimes set-up with a locked off camera and the VibrALERT which detects the smallest movement.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic Voice Phenomena more commonly known as EVP are electronically generated speech but not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings.  The team have had some very interesting results and on one occasion a voice seemingly to answer questions which the team are asking.

Clearly the team did not hear any of the answers until they had examined the recordings for the DVD ME Productions produce using Adobe Audition.

The problem with EVP is once you have been told what the voice is saying you will probably hear it saying just that, however if you were to listen to it without being told you may hear other words.
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