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Paranormal Experience

In order to help evaluate any paranormal event there are a number of methods and equipment which aid us, some of which people may not be comfortable using and we never force the issue – if you are not comfortable or at ease don’t do it!

Before the investigation

A baseline test is carried out at each location to determine whether there are any natural cold spots caused by draughts and natural or manmade Electro Magnetic Force (EMF) caused by electrical wiring or WiFi It is essential this is carried out before an investigation using an EMF meter and thermometer so that if any readings differ during the investigation these can be recorded.

During The Investigation

There are a number of tools help us communicate with any spirits within the location, for example with Divination we use dowsing rods, a Ouija board and a Spirit Box which allows real time Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) to be heard and recorded rather than a Dictaphone which has to be reviewed later.

A trigger object is sometimes set-up with a locked off camera and the VibrALERT which detects the smallest movement.

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