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Many do not know what a parapsychologist does and some may not know what a paranormal investigation entails.  First off a parapsychologist, quite simply, puts the normal into the paranormal – the most rational explanation there is.  There are many factors as to why people experience haunting and one of these is the environment in which they surround themselves in.  For example, if you were to visit a castle you may think what happened here, which ghosts reside here, but if you were to visit a council house you wouldn’t necessarily think the same.

A paranormal investigation is an investigation into the unknown and vigils are conducted, a scientific phrase for asking any spirits in the atmosphere to come forward to try and communicate by tapping and rapping. Sometimes you may find results.  The investigation is recorded using night vision cameras, as well as digital and analogue voice recorders, which can record EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or light anomalies and a number of experiments are set-up as well.  All voice recordings are analysed through Adobe Audition to enhance the recording.

Sometimes, even if no-one hears anything, looking back at the recorded footage can reveal something of interest be it an EVP or light anomaly.

The team use a variety of equipment, including EMF (Electro Motivation Force) Meters which are used to detect natural EMF and electrical wiring so during the investigation if the meter reacts differently after the base line test has been completed this would be the time to take photographs with a digital and single lens camera.  Also to detect movement the team use motion detectors which have an infrared beam and a VibrALERT which can pick up a pin being dropped on the floor.

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